Hot Shoe Alert: Pour La Victoire Elexi Sandal Review 2018

Hi all,

Excited to bring you this week's edition of the Hot Shoe Alert, and today's stiletto heel is a stunner: We're reviewing the Pour La Victoire's Elexi Stiletto Sandal. At first glance, I wouldn't doubt it if you looked at this fantastic statement heel and think "Christie's, that's nice and all but I can't afford $1,000 shoes right now". Good thing they aren't :). Let's dive in and see if you should make these your next statement shoe purchase or not in today's Hot Shoe Alert!


At 4'', the heel is high enough to make it a true, nighttime statement shoe but not too high where it begins to get uncomfortable to wear. The open toe sandal has an adjustable buckled ankle strap and as you can clearly see features a gorgeous set of feather embellishments. You can get the pair in both white/ivory and black. In terms of fit and comfort, I'd say they fit true to size and are about as comfortable as a 4'' stiletto heel can be. Certainly tolerable, but don't go running marathons in them either.

Christie Ferrari wears PLV's Elexi feather sandals for hot shoe alert in 2018 in NYC

Where to Wear PLV's Elexi Sandal

Let's get something out of the way: This is not a casual shoe. You will not be wearing this to the beach or to the grocery store. But what this shoe is, is a gorgeous event, or evening statement stiletto, simply put. And while they're a statement pair, they also allow for some experimentation up top as well.

WEDDING / BRIDAL SHOWER: Whether your own wedding or bridal shower or attending a friend's or family members. These shoes will take you there. In white for your own, and in black for someone else's event.

Christie ferrari wears Pour La Victoire Elexi sandals for hot shoe alert 2018

EVENTS: Perfect pair of shoes to pair with a cocktail dress, or evening floor-length dress or jumpsuit. Think cocktail events, galas, and the like.

DATE NIGHT: The shoes don't only belong at fancy events and weddings. You can also rock them on a romantic date night or night out with your girls. Try pairing them with fitted ankle-length jeans that hit right above the ankle straps. Then pair with a blouse or bodysuit & blazer combo. Alternatively, just throw on your LBD and out the door you go to conquer the world. 


If you're in the market for a new pair of statement shoes, or have several weddings coming up (or even your own!) or if you're a person who because of their job or connections attends cocktail events and galas often, this is a shoe you should absolutely consider. At under $300, but looking like it could easily be over $1000, the Elexi sandals are at that price point that is very much worth it, if you have the use for them.

Let me know in the comments below: what color would you get?




Shop this item by clicking on the image or  HERE .

Shop this item by clicking on the image or HERE.

Shop this item by clicking on the image or  HERE .

Shop this item by clicking on the image or HERE.