NYFW Look: Zimmermann Denim Skirt

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We continue taking an in-depth look at some of the outfits you saw me wear during Fashion Week this year and today's post is all about this Zimmermann look that I wore to their show on Monday.

Zimmermann Skirt

Before we take a look at each piece individually, we need to take go back in time to July. While I was in Miami over the Summer, I had the opportunity to go to a special lunch with Nicky Zimmermann herself at which time I got this amazing denim skirt and earrings from Zimmermann. Back to the future we go, and when it came time to attend the Zimmermann show, of course I wanted this piece to be the focus. This gorgeous denim skirt is perfect for Fall too, and is a great piece to have in your wardrobe.

zimmermann denim skirt nyfw show
christie ferrari zimmermann denim skirt

As the brand is known for very feminine and romantic pieces, I knew I wanted to style the skirt with a very feminine top. In comes this red, one-shoulder top from Revolve that thanks to its one-shoulder design, ruffle details and polka dots, was the perfect piece to pair it with. Of course, you can pair this top with denim and trousers and since it's a dressier top in nature, it's perfect for brunch or an event - both day-time and night-time.

zimmermann nyfw show christie ferrari

So far the look is very feminine in nature - as it should be - so I wanted to balance it out by adding an edgy piece. Said edginess comes in the form of these amazing Zara Metallic boots - another huge trend for Fall. To finalize the look, I went with this white clutch from Devi Kroell to elevate the look.

Which piece from the outfit is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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