The Modern Ballerina: The New Shine Etoile Watch from Raymond Weil

Hi all,

It's Monday (or it should be by the time you read this)! Time to go back to work, back to the grind, back to errands, back to... well, everything! But it's not negative - it's exciting! Today, we're going to talk about getting things done boldly and gracefully.

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The Modern Ballerina

I like to think of us women as modern ballerinas. Did you know? When I was younger, one of my dreams was to become a ballerina. It's so hard! I remember doing it a bit and falling, but it was very special to me. I had the opportunity last year to attend a ballet here in New York, and it just brought back all these memories. But back to present day though: Today, we all have a lot to get done. We need to juggle errands, chores and oh yes - work! The modern woman is like a ballerina - doing so many things that people both see and don't see. And we do it with grace, with elegance. It's the perfect mix of attributes that make us women kick butt!

Raymond Weil's Shine Etoile

Most of us search for brands that we identify with - that speak to us. That you feel "get you". I'm happy to have found such a brand for my watch - Raymond Weil. Their new watch Shine Etoile has been created to incorporate the boldness and elegance of the modern woman. With many things to do and places to be, we need a bit of versatility too. In designing the new watch, Raymond Weil partnered with Repetto, a well-known house of ballet shoes, clothing and handbags. The Shine Etoile features interchangeable leather straps to allow you to go from day to night rather easily. It's super easy to change straps too - I'm talking a matter of seconds. I'm currently sporting one on a daily basis and love it!

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How do you juggle everything you do? Are you a modern ballerina? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you for reading!