Miami Swim Week Outfit: An All-White Look

Hi all,

Starting to wrap up the Miami Swim Week outfits today. By now, hopefully you've seen some of the other outfit details and today, we are talking about an all-white look that's perfect for a fun summer day or night! 

Now don't be scared of an all white look. I know it can get dirty but if you're cautious and/or carry a tide-to-go pen I swear you will look super chic. Plus, white looks so good against a new tan so I'm going to be looking for all of you to sport some all-white looks in August to close out the Summer! 

The Tank Top

It's something we all have in our wardrobes. And if you don't, it's a staple, so make sure to add this one to it stat! I love this one because it has a cute message embroidered on it, reading "love always." Instead of just wearing it tucked-in or out of my bottoms, I decided to tie a knot in the middle. This is the summer's It styling tip and I love it because it allows you to show just a smidge of your mid drift while still looking classy. Plus, it's incredibly flattering on the waistline! But keep in mind to ensure the knot is tied above your hips and that you are wearing high-waisted bottoms. 

Miami swim week all white look
Miami swim week trousers tank top

The Trousers & The Shoes

This pair from Bless'ed are the meek are super fun! They have a flap in front of the legs of the pants so are incredibly flattering as they conceal your thighs. Here they are in white and here in black! These pants are super versatile as you can also bring them to other seasons as well. 

Because the pants narrowed towards my ankle I opted for a narrower shoe and chose this pair of stilettos

The Bag

You've seen me rocking it on Instagram all Miami Swim Week long but I must say this is such a fun summer or beach vacation bag. I guarantee you will have strangers coming up to you asking you where you purchased it! Shop the bags here or contact the designer via the Instagram account here

all white look Miami
Miami swim week all white look 2

Where to wear?

So okay, we like the outfit, you have the details. Now where do you see yourself wearing this outfit? There are several options, including date night, a night out with the girls and a champagne brunch. 

Where else would you wear this look? I look forward to your comments below! 

As always, thank you for reading!