Ibiza Outfit Recap

Hi all,

I am still traveling, but just left Ibiza and I wanted to take a moment to talk about outfits! That’s right: Thank you all for the very nice words I've read on the feed during this past week regarding my outfits and below, you’ll find the details on how and where to get them!

Also, this would be a good time to say sorry for the lack of blog posts, but I've been traveling and been non-stop in general. Much more to come though with outfits, reviews and Miami Swim Week around the corner! 

Ibiza Day or Beach Club Outfits

Sinesia karol cover up dress 

I wore this one to Amante Beach Club - more on this place later on, but easily one of my favorites on the island. The location was perched on top of a cliff so I knew I wanted to bring something flowy that I could try to capture with the wind. So I went with this Sinesia Karol stunning belted cover up dress. I wanted to be a bit more elegant because of the location so I paired it with a one piece and selected this gorgeous one from Lioness Swim.

Black Gingham Romper

One of my first looks from the trip and one of my favorites. It was cute and fun! I wore this one to lunch when I first got to Ibiza and spent the afternoon relaxing at our hotel, Ushuaia. Although I wore this during this day, this look is perfect to wear during a more casual event at night – simply pair with heeled espadrilles.

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Lioness Black Dress

I wore this one also to Blue Marlin Ibiza for lunch. Blue Marlin has a party atmosphere but is very chic so I knew I wanted to wear this cute sleeveless dress. It also made for the perfect outfit for a cute lunch shot. This can be worn for both day or night simply adjust your shoes for flats or heels depending on the occasion.

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Ibiza Party Looks

M Missoni dress

This M Missoni is absolutely stunning. Since I knew I was going to go to Es Vedra for a sunset picture, I knew this was the dress for the occasion. Its material made it flow really nicely with the light breeze. This is more formal in nature and can be worn to more formal outings, including a wedding.

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Indah Black Dress

I wore this as a cover up during a party at Blue Marlin but can easily be worn as a cute off the shoulder party dress.

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Elle Est Grece Top

This day, I was heading to a more casual night club but still wanted to dress up. This called for a cute pair of denim shorts and I decided to dress it up with a great top and pair of shoes. PS be on the look out on my instastories I’m giving this top away very soon.  

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Nude Polka Dot Dress

I wore this cute sleeveless dress to a sunset party and to a nightclub. It was casual yet dressed up at the same time. Personally, I love how this affordable dress can be dressed up or down depending on what accessories you add. 

So which outfit wast your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! 

As always, thank you for reading!