Swimwear Roundup for Summer

Hi all,

Thank you for stopping by! As Summer nears, we have to start thinking of bathing suits (or if you live in Miami, you're thinking bathing suits year-round!). I had the fortune to try a few different pieces during my recent travel and I wanted to share with you some of my favorites and give you some tips I always keep in mind when selecting bathing suits.


I should mention from the get-go that regardless of anything, you should wear what you feel comfortable in. But, having said that let's take a look:

Bikinis for Summer

I'm a big fan of triangle tops, in general. They are perfect for those with a smaller bust since we only need minimal coverage and support. They also create the illusion of a larger bust. But sometimes bikinis can get "boring" for some - always the same triangle top. But, there are some alternatives to consider as well:


The strapless bikini top is a great option for those with a smaller bust. They are form fitting, and will elevate the bust and create some curves. 

This year, asymmetrical bikinis (like this one) are very much on trend. They're a fun way to do the off-the-shoulder trend but with added coverage. These are great regardless of bust size, as they provide some support and coverage.

My hair is covering the asymmetrical part ;)

My hair is covering the asymmetrical part ;)

High-waisted bikinis are some of my favorites as of late as well. (Check this one and this one out). They're flattering to the body as they conceal your lower tummy and still offer great tan lines. They can be really fashionable too to wear with some shorts if you're walking around or attending a pool party or BBQ. An example is the big image above, in which I paired a high-waisted bikini with a pair of shrots and a cover up to attend a party in the desert.

One-Piece Swimsuits

I'm a hugeee fan of one-piece bathing suits (like this one)  mainly because of their flexibility. Like the high-waisted bikinis, they provide amazing coverage to provide the illusion of the hour-glass figure. But the most important thing is versatility. Sure, they can be a regular swimsuit to be worn at the beach/pool, but they can also go places with you. That's right: you could wear them as a bodysuit with jeans or shorts and even go from day-to night depending on the fabric. You can opt for a deep V, site cutouts or ruffles, it's a win-win either way adding to the versatility of the suit. I've always been big on one-piece suits, like last year in the Caribbean.


One thing to look out for is to avoid horizontal stripes, in my opinion, as they could make you look wide than you are as the eye will be drawn sideways instead of up and down.

Are you shopping for bathing suits this season? What type are you most looking forward to getting?

Let me know in the comments below, and as always, thank you for reading!