Skincare Giveaway with Kneipp

Hi all,

When we use products from brands, one of the things we all hope for is to be able to connect with a brand, its mission and its purpose. That’s usually how one moves from a mere user of a product and becomes a brand advocate or ambassador. During my Miami trip recently, I had the opportunity to partner with Kneipp and try some of their skincare and beauty products. I loved the products themselves and I’ll go into detail about them, but I also particularly connected with their mission and that’s what I wanted to talk about a bit today.



Kneipp comes from Bavaria and was founded in the 19th century – that’s over 125 years ago!  They began crafting their products using natural plant essences and pure ingredients as a base from the very beginning and they continue the practice today.

The brand is a strong believer of living a balanced life – something that as a psychologist, I always strived for my clients and myself. The brand uses five pillars to identify themselves: water – essential to maintain your health and strength, plants – natural healing properties, exercise – exercise daily to be in shape, nutrition – foundations of a healthy lifestyle and balance – juggling the items above is the way to lead a balanced life.

We’re always busy studying, working – maybe even partying. But it’s extremely important to pause and focus on your well being and health. I exercise every week, drink plenty of water, and focus a lot of my attention on nutrition – we are what we eat, as they say. As you juggle life, be sure to keep those items in mind – make time for them.

But to me it goes beyond that too: It’s about what I call doing good and being good. Doing good by helping others, volunteering, etc. And being good by treating others with respect, being nice to others. That’s one of the reasons you know I reply to every single comment on IG and always reply to emails that you send me with questions or comments.

Kneipp achieves this by their policy of no animal testing and mostly vegan formulas.

Kneipp Giveaway

So I’m really excited to partner with them in a giveaway to promote their #KneippGrows and Action Against Hunger campaign. That’s right: You get the opportunity to win the very same products I tried and loved: Bath oil with arnica, bubble wash, body wash and a set of hand & body lotion.


Kneipp teamed up with Action Against Hunger, which is an international relief and development organization, to help malnourished children and their families find access to safe and clean water and food.

Right now, every purchase of the Soft in Seconds Hand Cream donates to the organization and assists in sending seed tool kits to these communities. The flower crown you see me wearing symbolizes this partnership and the idea that we all can help. And you can participate as well by sharing your own image wearing a flower crown and using the #KneippGrows. Let's see those pics!

Entry Rules

To enter this giveaway, be sure to follow me & Kneipp on Instagram, and comment on the posts promoting the partnership. You can also comment below to enter!

Good luck!

A quick thank you to Kneipp for their trust and partnership – I’m excited to have a partner that believes in doing good and being good!

As always, thank you for reading!