Rain Boots For Spring

Hi all,

Spring is closely associated with a few things: flowers, pastels and…. showers! So it’s important to have stylish rain-ready gear for when the storms hit. I’ve partnered with Hunter to ensure you have your rain boots ready for Spring.

Cute Rain Boots

Rain boots can really make or break a cute rain outfit. You can have the most gorgeous outfit that you’ve put together, but it’s raining and you put on boring or dirty or old boots and the outfit is not what it could have been. So investment in a good, fun pair of rain boots is essential. The different colors and styles Hunter has available make it easy for you to choose the right boots to complement your rain coat and umbrella.


For today’s OOTD, I embraced Spring, if you can’t tell. This was shot maybe 20-30 minutes before a big storm and I was strolling around in Washington Square Park, in New York City (by the way, if you haven’t been to the park, you should make it a quick stop – it’s located near NYU and is always fun on the weekends). Here’s a fun Washington Square Park fact for you: The Will Smith movie Legend was filmed in the area.

Back to the outfit though and you’ll see pastels, a palette that feels very much at home during Spring. You know I love bright colors or pops of bright colors and few things can brighten up a gloomy, overcast, rainy day like bright pink, rubber boots. So how to best complement them? Thanks to the 60 degree weather (20s Celsius for you European/Canadians/Latins/rest of the world), I was able to go with this baby blue skirt and top. I’m a big fan of how pink and baby blue work together – of course neutrals would work too, but this is an easy combination that will always look great. To finalize the outfit, I kept it within the Hunter family with this coat. I know some of you are not fans of red & pink together, but I thought the coat and boots looked strong together, in this case.


If you do get pink-colored rubber boots, consider also pairing it with denim and a fun graphic tee. Add a leather jacket for warmth and edge and you’re good to go. Otherwise, consider going monochrome head to toe and letting the boots be the statement piece. Here think black jeans and black shirt, or an all-white outfit. Be bold!

What color are your rain boots? Do let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you for reading!