Hot Bag Alert: Furla Metropolis Jungle Bag Review

Hi all,

I'm very excited about today's Hot Bag Alert review post (and I hope you're too) because it features one of the handbags that received the most comments, compliments and likes during Fashion Week: The Furla Metropolis Jungle bag. So what fits? What is it good for and what to style it with? Read on and let's find out!

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The monkey bag you see pictured here is part of a larger collection called the Metropolis jungle bag. Aside from the monkey bag, you also have zebra, bird and lion to choose to from. Let's get the obvious out of the way: This isn't an every day bag. But, at a price point that starts at $198, it is somewhat accessible to have as a fun weekend bag. It could also be used as a fun bag to give your daughter as her first true designer bag. One thing is for sure: This is the most fun bag I've come across and chances are, it is that way for most people given the comments I received.


Furla Metropolis Jungle Bag Dimensions & Uses

So let's dive into the dimensions: At 6.5'' long, 5'' high and 3'' wide, it's fair to say that not a lot fits inside. But - and this is important - the essentials, do. I've been able to grab my iPhone Plus cell phone, keys, a mini wallet, lipstick and small compact in with no problem. If you have a smaller phone, chances are you can fit something else as well.

Though its size doesn't make it an every day bag, I've found several occasions in which I've worn it beside fashion shows. For example: brunch or out with the girls, shopping, date night, etc. Plus, it's the perfect bag for any creative (or non) black tie event you have. Do note it can be worn both crossbody and hanging straight from the shoulder.


How to Style the Furla Metropolis Jungle Bag

Depending on where you're headed, the bags can be styled with almost anything. Out on a summer day with the girls? Pick up your favorite solid-colored, neutral Summer dress, add the Furla Metropolis bag and you're good to go.  If you're headed to a special event in a gown, be sure to also keep it to a solid, neutral color as well.
Perhaps you're heading to a casual lunch or brunch or dinner. Then grab your go-to denim - here, consider wide-legged jeans or ankle-length -  and pair with a white button-down. Add sneakers or neutral-colored pumps and you're all set!


The most important item to remember is that this is a statement bag. So let it shine and not compete with the other pieces you're wearing.

Which animal would you get? And how would you style it? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you for reading!