Best Affordable Handbags!

Hi all,

You guys know by now that one of my favorites topics in the world is handbags. Recently, we took a look at a small selection of my favorite handbags of the moment - right in time for Valentine's too! Another subject that have seen here and will continue to see is that of Hot Bag Alerts or bag reviews, so look for more on those soon! But today's post is all about affordable handbags, of all different types. So without delay, let's jump right in:

Affordable Beach Bags

Beach bags do not have to be boring. They need to be fun, yet durable because they'll endure the elements quite a bit. I've selected a few that are not only good beach bags, but they are perfect for going straight from the beach to lunch or shopping. 

Affordable Evening Clutches

If you're looking for an evening clutch, I found these to be great at not only dressing up a casual outfit (I'm talking jeans, pumps and a button down) but also to go out dancing/clubbing or even a black tie event.

Affordable Totes, Backpacks and Satchels

The perfect selection of handbags to run errands and take to work.  Or if you just can't give up your big bag! 

Affordable Crossbody Bags

Ready to say "Bye" to the larger every day bag (that is you're not into the larger totes mentioned above)? Then look into a versatile crossbody. You're hands are free from having to hold it and they are great for brunch with the girls, events, or dinner. 

Which one is your favorite? Please comment in the link below and let me know!

As always, thank you for reading!