Casual Holiday Look Ft. TOUS Jewelry

Hi all,

I'm a sucker for Christmas and the holidays. I have to truthfully tell you that I look forward to the Christmas movies on Hallmark and Lifetime. I have reindeer plates at home and still believe in Santa - maybe not literally, but in the happiness and cheer the season brings. So naturally, living in New York, which is likely the most magical city in the world during the holidays - and every other day of the year - I love visiting certain landmark places like Central Park and Rockefeller Center. So with today's OOTD, we take a look at the outfit and the jewelry I chose for the occasion from TOUS.


Casual Holiday Look Ft. TOUS


Today's look was perfect to explore Rockefeller Center on a cold, December day. I opted for a casual yet very simple look. I paired blue denim with my go-to black turtleneck and then added a burgundy puffer coat - look for a special on puffer coats soon and it includes details on this one.

Since the look itself is rather toned down and casual, it opens up the opportunity to go big with jewelry. So I grabbed my favorite pieces from TOUS' Eklat & Rubric collections. These pieces were the perfect addition to the outfit. Up top, I layered two necklaces and added rings and bracelets as well. The medallion is actually featured on TOUS' newest Tender Stories N.7 video, which you can find below along with more items from the collection:

The final touch came in via way of the this small fluffy purse. Mini bags are very much "in" now and will be in 2018 as well, so if you're looking to add a small clutch or fanny pack, take the plunge this holiday season. This one can be worn as a small clutch, holding it like I do here with its mini chain, or on your belt as a fanny pack.


Remember, jewelry is a great gift to give yourself or ask for during the holidays and TOUS' new collection is a perfect example!

Happy Holidays!