1 Piece 3 Ways - Ep. 4: Leather Jacket

Hi all,

Leather jackets are a staple in everyone's closets (they aren't? What are you waiting for?). In New York in particular, all you see when Fall hits and the temperatures reach the 50s or 40s are black leather jackets. So since the temperatures are finally cooling down, I wanted to devote this week to leather jackets. In episode 4 of "How To Style 1 Piece 3 Ways", we're looking at 3 different ways of styling your black leather jacket. See the video and blog below, plus then we  we go into shopping some of my favorites!

Styling Black Leather Jackets

Leather jackets go with just about everything you have in your wardrobe, making any investment a no-brainer. There are, of course, different types of leather jackets - fitted, oversized, etc., but regardless they can be worn year-round almost. So these two things make them really versatile.

Leather Jacket + Silk Skirt

For the first look, we are styling it with a skirt, and not any skirt, but a fun silk, midi-length one. This is great for date night, brunch, or even work as long as your keep it modest. Leather jackets are typically seen as a very masculine piece and one of my favorite combo involves pairing them with really feminine and Luxe fabrics such as silk, lace, or velvet. This creates a fun, balanced look. Here, I styled it with a gorgeous silk midi length skirt and then added a black turtleneck. Feel free to substitute the turtleneck for a chunky or lightweight sweater or tee depending on the weather.

Leather Jacket + Floral Dress


For the next look, I styled it with a dress. Again, similar to the first one, we're pairing the masculine jacket with a feminine piece. This time though, we're focusing on a fun, floral dress.  Other ways to try this look include going for a sweater dress, maxi dress, or even an evening gown for a wedding. For shoes, I opted for a great pair of black over-the-knee boots and then styled a belt over the dress to help accentuate my waist.

Leather Jacket + Denim

For the last look, and more casual example, I paired the jacket with a great pair of fitted jeans. This can be worn to run errands, brunch, or even date night. To dress it up, add heels and a clutch. To dress down, wear with sneakers or flats and grab a crossbody. For this look in particular, I paired the jacket with a turtleneck and then grabbed a fun pair of white booties. Feel free to also substitute my turtleneck out for a sweater or tee depending on the temperature of where you are.

How do you style your black leather jacket? Look forward to your comments below! Looking for a new leather jacket? I've rounded up some of my favorites leather jackets for your shopping pleasure!