I'm A Belieber, It's True!

Hi all!

As I write this, I am having a major moment with graphic tees so you can understand that when I saw this Justin Bieber one, I simply couldn't resist. I haven't always been a Justin Beiber fan, but some of his music this year has really been good.

But we're not here to talk music, are we? This outfit is a great example of casual glam! What is casual glam? Well, picture grabbing a basic item, but then pairing it with a very dressed up complementary piece. In this case, I paired a basic graphic tee with a more dressed up and playful pink ruffled skirt - adding some glam and femininity to the look.

To complete the look, I grabbed a pair of gold, pointy shoes. These are great - they add more glam to the look while creating the illusion of longer legs - a must for us petite girls!

For accessories, I grabbed a panama hat, which you'll recognize if you've been following the blog for a bit as I've been living in it! #SorryNotSorry

Finally, because I was in Miami, and it was hot, there was no better choice than my Hermes vintage bag which didn't make it into the pictures, unfortunately, so you'll have to trust me on that one!

As always, thanks for reading!