A Easy To Rock Casual Look

Hi all,

Repeat after me: casual doesn't need to be boring. We all sometimes want to feel comfortable and not really think too much about an outfit. Perhaps we have a lot of walking to do one day or simply need to run several errands. But does that mean we shouldn't leave the house looking sharp and confident? No!

Today's outfit is an example of a great casual look that is comfortable and fun! It's perfect for a day outing, whether out in the city, getting together with friends or visiting family, it's one of those that is good for any occasion. Best of all? It's super easy to style and replicate!

First, I looked for the statement piece. Which item in my closet will deliver the perfect casual feel, but take center stage today? This red skirt from 1.State clothing was the winner - its print and color proved to be the answer to the question. I particularly loved this skirt because I really do feel like the flamenco dancer emoji in a way. In fact, you might not know this, but I'm a first generation American, my parents are Cuban and Spanish and I personally feel that the skirt pays homage to that. So look for a skirt in your closet - or get the one I'm wearing - that has an interesting print and fun colors and that is not too long - in particular if you're going to pick similar shoes to mine. We'll get to those soon. This will be your focal piece.

Next up, we need a top. We agreed that the skirt with its prints and colors would be the "loud" piece. As a result, we have to pick a top that is not too busy and complements the skirt. Today, I chose a black body suit since the skirt had some black. Again, because the skirt is going to be busy, choose a neutral, solid color that complements the skirt.

Finally, I knew I was going to do a lot of walking, and these black leather, flat espadrilles from Mint & Rose were perfect. They are comfortable and chic - espadrilles like these are and even lower one are very common in Europe & South America for every day summer wear. Be sure to look for some with rubber at the bottom, as many authentic ones actually don't feature rubber soles and simply have a jute rope sole instead that when wet, it gets hard and the shoe is ruined. If you're not into these espadrilles, consider lace up flat sandals.

As always, thank you for reading!