The Pajama Trend

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Thank you for stopping by today as we discuss pajamas! Just kidding: Today we talk about the pajama trend and what better day to showcase it than on a Monday (date this article was written)! Finally, we can roll straight out of bed and look epic - with a few minor tips. Let's dive right in!

Selecting the Right Pajama Trend Piece

When looking for pieces, select quality, nicer fabrics. For example: Silk! Then, it's a matter of choosing colors. If trying for the first time, I'd recommend sticking with solid colors. Easy to pair, style, etc. If a solid color is too boring for you, there are alternatives: Stripes can work great as well or if feeling bold, go for florals.

I'd recommend to stay away from cottons or more child-oriented graphic prints because instead of pulling the pajama trend, people might think you are literally wearing a pajama!

How to Style the Pajama Trend

Before we answer the question of how to style each piece, we have to look at the options and what's in your closet (or what you're looking to buy).

If you're wearing separates together, try tucking the pajama top slightly in the front. Finish the outfit by adding stilettos. Pro tip: add structure with a blazer!

If you're wearing the top only, think of it as no different than your usual button-down shirt and style it appropriately. For pants, look for wide-legged or straight-leg pants but be sure that they hit at or slightly above the ankle.

If you're not wearing separates, but instead have a robe or slip, you have a couple of good options to wear on top: How about an on-trend bomber jacket? If too trendy, then stick with a leather or denim jacket and you're good to go!

Now, you can roll right out of bed and into work like if you woke up like this!

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Images by: Fernando Balino | @fbalino