How To Pick The Right Swim Suit For Your Body Type


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Summer is upon us and that means.... bathing suits! Well, it means many things actually. It means beach, pool, sun, party, fun, friends, travel but above all... bathing suits! Just kidding, but today's post is all about bathing suits and more importantly how to pick the right swim suit for your body type.

As always though, one should always wear what makes him or her comfortable and whatever gives you the confidence and empowerment to take on the day!

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The Right Swim Suit For Smaller Bust

There are a few options for those that have smaller boobs. First, consider trying on a strapless top. Because they are tight, they'll elevate the bust and create curves. One thing to consider and be on the look out for is that the strapless needs to allow for some boob to appear at the top and a little cleavage. Covering them completely will just make your boobs even smaller.

String bikinis are great as well as the bow ties and top and bottom will help create curves. A good triangle shape top will work any day of the week.

Another good option to try on are ruffles. The extra volume up top will add balance to the chest and create the illusion of larger things!

The Right Swim Suit For Larger Bust

I have spoken with friends I know and done much reading as needless to say, I'm not part of this group. So if you have any additional feedback or tips to add, please add them below in the comments:

For those with larger boobs, we need to find a way of giving the girls some support, in addition to not overdoing it at the top. It's sort of an outfit. If you wear a loud piece, you can't put a second even louder piece on top, right? Same applies here. Your girls are your proud, loud piece.

So first, think of support. Look to try on some bikinis with underwire or consider halter tops as well. Unlike what I mentioned in the tips above for smaller-bust friends, avoid ruffles and frills. You're already going to draw attention, so don't over do it. Lastly, skip out on strapless bikinis. Yes, they might make the girls look good, but you're going to be constantly adjusting.


*Two suits not linked above, include black and white cut out from @EnjoueSwimwear and Black high-waisted suit from @palorosabeachwear

The Right Swim Suit To Create an Hourglass Figure

Ok, so we all have a little extra love on our tummy, right? If you choose to hide the extra love, or if you want to try to give the illusion of being taller, we have some options that work nicely and will have you looking great.

So perhaps you want to hide a bit of the extra love in the tummy. There are two things to look for: One Piece and High Waisted Bikinis(Super in right now!). For The one piece, you'll want to consider how sexy to make it. Whether a low, open back, or some cleavage up front will give you options on what fits you best. Some of the items above still apply as well though so be careful. High waisted bikinis are in and another great option.

When selecting styles, just like when putting full outfits together, we need to keep in mind the designs and how they affect our shape and how people see us. After all, we're after the hour glass shape, right? With this goal, avoid horizontal stripes suit as they will make you look wider. Instead, opt for vertical stripes as they draw the eyes up and down and make you look taller in the process.

Do you have other tips & tricks when bathing suit shopping? Let me know in the comments below.

And as always, thank you for reading!