How to Mix Prints

Hi all,

I hope you're doing great and thank you so much for stopping by to read today's post about mixing prints. Mixing different prints can make or break an outfit so it's always important keep some tips in mind.

Tips for Mixing Prints

Begin by choosing one main print - this should be the main piece of the outfit, the reason you're wearing the outfit. Then, add a second that will be an accent to the main print - not a competing print.

If you're just starting to mix prints, consider picking two prints that share colors. That way, you don't have to think of color matching, and can simply focus on the two prints working well together.

If you're wearing the same exact print, one fun tip is to try and invert the colors of two pieces. For example, a top with navy stripes on white background and pants with white stripes on a navy background. This can be very fun! For example, see the outfit above - the pants are from Tobi (direct link to pants here). Top is from Floating Style.

A different take on the tip above of matching same prints can be simply wear one piece that features the print on a larger scale than the other.

Once you feel comfortable and are ready to take some risks, you can start with stripes as a "neutral" and then pair with with a completely different pattern. For example, florals for summer. The only rule of thumb I'd advise you is to stay within the same color family.

If mixing too many prints is too risky for you,  try breaking up the prints with neutral solids. I did this by adding a simple bag. But you can also do this by picking a print in either the bottom or top with the other piece being a solid. Then adding a second print via an accessory- bag, shoe, or blazer.

How do you match prints? Let us know in the comments below!

As always, thank you for reading!