Pink Silk Camisole



Hi all,

Thanks for stopping by! Today's post is all about this gorgeous pink silk camisole from Cami NYC that I love!

From the get-go,  I was immediately drawn to the amazing detailing and I love how delicate the buttons running down the back of the shirt appear. This is the ultimate feminine piece to add to your wardrobe! 

There are many ways of styling this camisole. For me, I always like to add an edgy piece to my outfits. This pink, feminine top would go great with some black I thought. So I added my go-to black leather jacket and pants for a leather on leather look that is balanced thanks to the camisole.

To help elongate my legs, I grabbed a pair of black heeled booties, as they give an illusion of a longer leg because there are no breaks in color. Grab your black booties and leather pants and give it a shot before the weather gets too hot!

To finish off the look and to continue the edgy black look, I needed the right bag. Today it was my favorite classic black Chanel bag that adds edginess and femininity all in one!

As always, thank you for reading!



Pictures by @petiteflowerpresents