Beauty Survival Kit


Hi all!

Today's post is about my NYFW beauty survival kit! These are all items I couldn't leave home without every day. So much so that sometimes I couldn't fit everything in my Chanel purse from Bag, Borrow, or Steal, so I would end up carrying the phone in my hand!

For the feet and to help withstand hours of standing in heels: I highly recommend Sole Serum. It's a serum for instant foot pain. When you're feeling pain, apply 2 pumps of the serum in the tear and let dry for 60 seconds before standing or putting your shoes back on. It is my secret!

For the lips:
-I went with two colors from Nevermind Cosmetics. I love the color 'whatever' which is a nude and subtle look. But also used "sassy since birth" which is more of a coral orange. Plus how can you not love the lip colors!
-To prevent chapped lips, go to burt's bee chapstick, this one is also a tinted color, which is fun.

For the skin - especially important in CAF temperatures:
-Overnight use: Erborian Creme for soft skin nightly.
-Daily Use: Also use the pate au ginseng (not to be confused with real pate)- use twice a week to help fight skin aging, it's all about prevention right?
-Another secret is rescue skin which is a great kit that can be used during the colder months, after tanning, or during air travel. Use the serum before bed, takeoff, or going out into the sun and the moisturizer after landing, after sun, or in the morning.

For the base:
-I swear by Laura Mercier secret camfoulage. I don't typically wear foundation and just use this concealer compact that has two different tints, one of blemishes and one for undereyes. I use number 2.
-I then use Terracotta bronzer from Guerlain, also number 2 to help create I just came back from the beach look, although I'm really super pale!

For the nails:
-I went with a black polish by Lauren B. Beauty.

For the eyes:
-Create a beautiful smokey eye- josie maran beautiful smoke eye palette or for a more subtle and natural look- used a a liquid eyeshadow also by Josie Maran, color is playa del pink.
-Finish the look with eyeliner. My favorites are liquid eyeliner by mally and a pencil by rimmel
-For mascara, I choose PUR. The brand does a great job at creating lashes!

Ready to take the make up off?
Use burt's bees facial cleansing towelettes, I love the cucumber and sage ones because of their smell.

I am by no means a make up expert, but hopefully you found this post informative. I am a firm believer in looking as natural as possible. I'm never a fan of wearing too much make up. So try some of the items and see how they work for you but make sure to never overdo it!

As always, thanks for reading!