A Dress, a Faux Fur Stole & High Heels With Socks?


Hi everyone!

NYFW has come to an end so it's time to start writing about the outfits, trends and overall experience. Today, we start with what was actually one of my first outfits, which I wore Saturday night to an event I hosted at Hotel Americano's Arriba rooftop lounge.

Before we go into the outfit, let me tell you a bit about the event for those that weren't able to follow on Snapchat. My home away from home in NY, Hotel Americano and I partnered to throw a blogger event on their rooftop lounge Arriba. Among the invitees were dozens of bloggers in town for NYFW and thanks to the vibe, the DJs and the company, it was a great success!

On to the outfit now: Because the event was inside - outside was a frigid 0 degrees Fahrenheit and -12 Celsius - I was able to ditch the coat and go for a fun look. This beautiful V-neck dress from Forever 21 features a fun slit on the side and is very comfortable. It was still a bit chilly, even inside, so I had to add some warmth. On go these maroon stockings which are also from Forever 21. Aside from the warmth benefit, the contrat with the white dress made it pop. Up top, I grabbed this great faux fur stole that is from Zara from last year - see above for similar faux fur stoles available right now!

You might have thought initially that the big statement-maker were the maroon stockings, but then I combined them with these gold shoes from ASOS for maximum pop. I thought the combo, while a bit loud, was fun and the white dress and brown stole kept the look in check.

Wearing socks or stockings with sandals is a great way to still be able to use your summer sandals in winter - but you have to do it properly: if wearing socks, you don't want the socks to bulge and be sure to stick with neutral colors - think gray, black, etc. With stockings, you have a bit more flexibility color-wise. Whatever you choose, be sure to pair with a fabulous pair of stiletto sandals, and not with flats.

To finish the look, I grabbed my new go-to Hermes vintage purse and a gorgeous citrine & white sapphire bangle from V Italia 69 Italia Jewelry.

A HUGE thank you to @rpzlrpzl for my amazing hair, to @puckermakeup for your incredible make up and @Tractenbergandco PR for putting it all together!

Have you tried the socks with stiletto sandals look? Comment below!

As always, thank you for reading!



Photos by @yaelsteren