How To Build A Winter Wardrobe - Part 1

Hi all,

December is here and that means winter is just around the corner - or here already, depending on where you live. Coming from Miami, I sure had to invest in a winter wardrobe when I moved up north. True story: I only owned two sweaters before I moved up to the Northeast.

So for today's post, I thought I'd talk about two pieces that are essential for any winter wardrobe and, while I know there's nothing revolutionary about discussing a sweater and a vest, it is important to know how to properly buy these pieces and why!

Winter means layering and that could mean looking like a pillsbury doughboy. So what can you do?

Layering Tips

Tip 1: Read the tag and stick to thicker fabrics, this means wool and cashmere! This is the most important one because if you stick to thin sweaters that are made of cotton, you won't be able to last too long while outside.

Tip 2: Feel the sweater! The sweater does not need to be pricey because higher prices don't always ensure better quality. Make sure you feel cozy in it and if something doesn't feel right then find another.

Tip 3: Add a vest! It's so easy to take off and put back on and you won't have to mess up your hair or makeup in the process. Gravitate towards thicker materials, like shearling or even denim.

For today's look, I selected a cashmere sweater and shearling and denim vest from Lafayette 148 NY. I then selected a great pair of denim and over-the-knee boots to complete the outfit. Still cold? Try draping or wearing a neutral colored coat on top!

Why does this look work? It's versatile! It can be worn to brunch, out for drinks, and even the office - as long as you switch out the denim for a straight leg pant and lower boots. Remember skip the OTK boots for work!

As always thanks for reading! P.S Let me know if you have any great winter styling tips!