How To Style Black & Brown Together

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Thank you for stopping by today as we discuss black and brown! That's right! A myth or folk story says you should never mix these two colors. But - and I want you to repeat after me:  Yes, you can!

Let's see how:

Mixing Black & Brown

Christie, you've lost your mind! I hear you through the computer screen! I promise I haven't! Or not fully, at least! So black and brown are both neutrals. So there's really no wrong way ot mixing these two colors. If the colors are closer to each other, say you have a very dark brown, then try to wear different textures so the differences in the two color becomes more noticeable and make a statement.

If you're going more for a color contrast, then try pairing a lighter shade of brown with your black piece. An easy way of doing this (and what you see on the images here) is to style an all-black outfit, for example, and then add the light brown on top. Once you've tried this, you can also use the same technique with navy. That's right: Navy and black can also work.

For this particular outfit, I grabbed this beautiful leather jacket from Andrew Marc. This is a classic wardrobe piece that will never go out of style, so consider an investment (or convince your significant other that it is!). For this piece, the shearling detailing on the collar makes it even prettier. And not only that, but warmer too!

I styled the black outfit with black leather leggings and a black turtleneck to create a base on which to add the jacket, as described above. To finish it off? These booties are also from Andrew Marc and I found them to be a perfect height. The oval tip creates a bit of a lengthening illusion that is great for us shrot people. The boot's chunky heel makes it really easy to wear all day and let's you not only take this out at night time, but wear during the day as well.

How do you combine brown and black? Like the post and comment below to let us know!

As always, thank you for reading!