A Trench Coat Top & Luv It

Hi all!

Thanks for stopping by! Fall is trench coat season, and here we have an example of a top that resembles one. I thought: Perfect! Today's look was a partnership with a forthcoming Fashion Shopping App called Luv It that I'll tell you a bit more about below. But first, on to the outfit:

The Trench Coat Style Top

One of the things that made this day special was that we went over the Williamsburg Bridge for a day in Williamsburg - highly recommend a stop if you're visiting. If you're from the city, well, I don't even need to tell you. Back to the outfit though: trench coats are a must for your Fall wardrobe and I love that this top resembled one! Plus, it's very versatile - a huge plus for me - because all you need to do is style it with a basic colored turtleneck underneath and it's a top to be worn on chillier days.

To finish off the look, I grabbed some dark denim and a black purse and you're good to go. An extra nice touch that I did for this day across the bridge was this braid. Here's a fun fact: Did you know I had my hair styled like this for my engagement party? Recreating it is easy - try separating and parting your hair in two sections then braid hair on both sides and pull it forward on top of your head. Use pins to hold them in place and very thin hair ties on the ends.

Luv It App

This look is shoppable on Luv It, an App that is launching very soon, but you can join their waitlist today to receive early access. One of the nice things about the app, aside from the clean and modern interface is that it gives you cash back every time you buy a product and every time you inspire someone else to shop -real money that is! While the app officially launches in a few weeks, you can join today by clicking here. Plus, don't forget to follow me on the app @Christie_Ferrari

As always, thank you for reading!