How To Layer Clothes For Fall

Hi all,

Fall is here and with winter approaching, I thought it would be fun - and useful - to make a post about how to layer your pieces for added warmth but in creative and fun ways! It also allows you to incorporate clothes you own with thinner fabrics, for the colder temperatures.

How many layers should you use and how do you style it?

You want to go for at least two and maximum of 4 pieces.

For the first piece of layer you'll want to grab your thinnest layer. As an example, in the images below, I grabbed a very thin white turtleneck.

We move on to the second layer now. Here, you'll either want to grab a fabric that is slightly thicker than your first or of similar thickness. If you choose to go for similar thickness, go for a completely different fabric. Why? So it looks different!

Here, I grabbed a sheer dress and it works because the transparency lets you see what's underneath but it is also balanced. You'll also want to make sure that if you layer pieces of the same color, that you have them be of different fabrics so you can actually notice the layering effect.

Next up, if you choose to do so, you can go for a third layer. Here, I recommend you stick to blazers, knits, or long cardigans. For the outfit pictures here, I could have likely gone with a moto jacket, for example.

If you're feelign extra bold, go for the fourth layer!  Have this be your outer coat and your thickest fabric and reserve only for the coldest temperatures.

Sheer, Slips Dresses

A big trend this fall has been wearing slip dresses over everything and wearing dresses over pants and tops. I'm a huge fan of this look! If you're thinking of trying it, just make sure to keep the fabric thin underneath your dress so it doesn't bulge - you want to keep a very seamless look.

How do you layer your clothes and dresses? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you for reading!