What's In My Bag


Hi all!

I thought it would be fun to showcase my new and old favorites in a what's in my bag post! Starting with my new favorite is this gorgeous Hermes Evelyne from Bag, Borrow, or Steal (click here for direct link to bag). Next up on discussion include my go to sunglasses, these are from a great shop called Style Repertoire.

Beauty essentials, I never leave home without include Biossance and it is a great product to help refresh and hydrate your face. My face is incredibly sensitive to beauty products and I have never reacted negatively to this hypoallergenic product. With winter approaching, this is also a great product to help combat dry skin.

Sole Serum is another amazing product that I use (click above for direct link) and it helps with heel pain and I can attest this is what helped me get through standing in heels for hours upon hours during New York Fashion Week.

I also always make sure to have my Laura Mercier concealer with me. If I am every crunched for time, I always make sure to use at least concealer and a neutral colored lipstick to appear well put together. I also love the smell of this Hermes Du Jour perfume and it has been my staple for the past 2 years. Other essentials include my business cards, boxed water, keychain (love the size and can throw it in any bag), and my phone of course!

As always, thanks for reading!