Metallic Tattoo Trend


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Hi everyone!

Today's post is all about the latest craze, Metallic Tattoos! This summer you can sport these at the beach, pool, music festival, or even out at night. They can be worn as a set by themselves or you can pair them with one or several delicate bangles.

But with so many brands out there it's hard to choose which one to go for. Today I review a company called You Are Beautiful Now.  For my arm party, I combined different tattoos from the Sea Goddess, Love Letter, and Beautiful sets. Regarding application, they were incredibly easy to put on, as it took less than 30 seconds for each individual tattoo to be applied. With regards to wear and tear unlike what you might have heard from other brands, these lasted the entire day and did not wear with any elements, such as the sun, sand, or ocean. They also came off pretty easily with coconut and baby oil!

Make sure to use special code: "BeautifulYouTats"  during checkout to get a 30% discount!

As always, thanks for reading!