The Boyfriend Blazer


Hi all,

New York is a great city that lends itself to almost any look. This look was shot in the Upper East Side and the whole shoot was live on Periscope a few days prior to this post. Be sure to follow on Periscope and Twitter too @FerrariChristie.

Back to the outfit though: This OOTD was inspired by this beautiful white boyfriend blazer from Odivo, a site that features great Ukrainian fashion and designers. Why boyfriend? Because of the length - it covers your hips as if you were borrowing from your boyfriend/husband, so it's a very different fit than a normal blazer. This is a great option if you want to cover your hips and give yourself a slimmer silhouette.

Remember: white can be worn year-around. Just pay attention to the fabric - avoid crochet and eyelid! This blazer is silk so the white + the texture makes it a year-round classic.

To complete the look, I grabbed this pair of pants that were hidden in my closet from my high school days and are over 10 years old. Typically, they say when deciding what pieces to keep and which to toss, stick to unique, high quality pieces. All trends come and go and 10 years~ is sometimes a good benchmark for a trend to come back - remember the overalls from a few weeks back?

These cargo pants are back in style. They're from a Miami boutique called Studio LX.

To finish the look off, I grabbed these shoes from Shoes2You and are a great suede, heeled sandal. Comfortable and simple. A staple for every closet!

Do you have any cargo pants hidden in your closet from the past? Comment below!

As always, thanks for reading!



Pictures taken by @alexandra__wolf