Casual Chic Outfit For Fall


Hi all,

New York is a city that lends itself to any outfit. Today's outfit is what I call casual chic - that is: perfect for work (it's conservative yet stylish), yet also ready for a fun brunch or casual dinner thanks to the hat and the pop of color that the Burberry shirt provides.

For this OOTD, I first selected the pair of white pants. Newsflash: You can still wear white after Labor Day! Be sure to pair it with thick or heavier textures such as wool or cashmere.

Back to the outfit though: To pair with the pants, I chose this button-down shirt from Burberry for a pop of color and tucked it in. We're in the middle of Fall or Autumn, so I needed something to keep me warm: Enter the black sweater. Another staple that everyone should have in their closets. I knew I wanted to wear the hat and booties with this outfit, so this black sweater helps tie it all in.

For accessories, I picked this hat up again that some of you have already seen. I love wearing hats in Fall/Autumn. They look chic and help keep you head warm. Added perk: Can be the perfect solution when you don't feel like doing your hair!

To finish this look off, I grabbed yet another NYC staple: Black booties and my 15-year old Louis Vuitton backpack. I am so glad this is back on trend! Reminder that no matter what, keep your items stored as they'll make a comeback some day!

Do you have anything stored waiting for its comeback?

As always, thanks for reading!



Pictures taken by Lydia Hudgens