The Perfect Fall Fashion Combination


Hi all!

For today's look, I'm discussing how to create an effortless Fall outfit. What's great about this look is that you probably already have all of these pieces and if not, I'm sure you can find some in your boyfriend's closet.

First, grab a pair of basic black leggings and then pair with a great over the knee boot. If you don't own over the knee boots or don't feel comfortable wearing them or leggings substitute with ankle booties and black jeans. Next, grab an oversized classic white button shirt. The one I'm wearing was pulled from my husband's closet and I love how it appears that I'm wearing a dress. I then grabbed a great black velvet vest for some added fun. If you don't own one of these, grab from your boyfriend's closet, he may have one from his suit set. Another great tip if you can't find a vest, is to go to the boys section in the juniors department and find the biggest size (they're also cheaper in the kids section).

For warmth, I selected a classic trench coat and then a chic wool hat from Banana Republic and it's currently on sale! For accessories, I kept it simple and chose a vintage Louis Vuitton and a great Rumba watch. The watch model I'm wearing is the Orchard Gold, Lights Out and is only $45 dollars. You can purchase the watch here (link).

As always, thanks for reading!




                                    Pictures taken by Holly from Petite Flower Presents