How To Create An Edgy Feminine OOTD


Hi all,

Today's post is all about how to curate an edgy feminine outfit. First, grab a feminine piece, think anything silk, lace, or with florals, bows, or pleats. For my look, I selected this stunning pink skirt from SheIn (see above for direct link or can find here). Not only is this skirt incredibly chic, it is only $23 dollars (yes, I'm serious)! Remember that you can look chic and have your outfit appear more expensive if you pay attention to fabrics, textures, and details. But back to the look, next you will want to grab an edgy piece, really anything leather! For this look, I chose a classic wardrobe staple, the leather jacket. I added more femininity to the look by selecting a silk black short sleeve top. However, you can easily wear a classic black tee, tank, or turtleneck with the look. For accessories, I selected a classic vintage chanel bag and then finished the look with some great ankle booties.  

As always, thanks for reading!