Cape and Poncho Trend for Fall


Hi all,

Fall is in full swing and that means it's cape and poncho season! What I love most about capes and ponchos is that they're so easy to throw on while still being able to create a chic and effortless look. When selecting the other pieces for today's look, I picked a basic white tee. This one is actually a men's Lacoste shirt that I borrow from the hubs. I love it because while for him it is a fitted tee, for me it is the perfect baggy boyfriend tee and I highly recommend it for you ladies! I then chose a pair of black leather pants to help create a more edgy look. I purposely chose a skinny pant to help counterbalance the voluminous shape of the cape. Other suggestions to avoid from disappearing in the piece is to pair with a pencil skirt or shorts and over the knee boots, or by cinching a belt around the piece. For shoes, I chose a black pointy toe pump to help elongate my legs since I was continuing with the black color from the pants.

By the way, ever wonder what is the difference between a cape and a poncho? A poncho is created with a rectangular piece of fabric whereas a cape is made from a circular piece of fabric.

As always, thanks for reading!