Let's Go Shopping: 6 Shoes for Summer

Hi all,

In today's Trend Guide Series, we’re talking about 6 shoes you need for summer (or year-round if you live in Florida or Cali!). Whether you’re a fan of PVC, white, flat, heeled, espadrilles or sandals, I think I’ve found a pair that you’ll like. So let’s dive right in on the shoes you need for that Summer Vacation and then ideas on how to style!


Summer Shoes

I’m super excited about this video because shoes are one of “my things” - alongside handbags. So in today’s video, we’re talking 6 shoes you need for summer - or if you live in Florida, Cali or Texas, year-round! Many of these shoes, you’ve seen me wear time and again over on Instagram, so you know this isn’t sponsored - it’s real! So let’s dive in on the shoes!


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