style guide: white jeans for summer 2019

Hi all,

Super excited to bring you a new style guide for summer 2019. Last week, we spoke all about shorts. If you haven’t checked that out, what are you waiting for? But today we’re talking white jeans, how to style them, and whether or not you should invest in them. Plus, we’ll go shopping for some of my favorite white jeans available right now. So without further delay, white jeans!

Styling White Jeans for Summer

There are several reasons you should consider looking into white jeans - whether you own a pair and are looking for ways to style them, or if you don’t own a pair, why you should. For starters, white jeans are a classic. Year after year, summer after summer, the white jeans are in and they’re chic. So given this is not a one time thing, it’s good to have a pair in your wardrobe and a few cute ideas on how to style for those fun summer days and nights.

Second of all though, white jeans are versatile. They go great for everything from summer errands to the grocery store, or brunch with friends, to summer day and night-time events, to even work. Like their more common blue iteration, white jeans go with anything and practically anywhere.


Lastly, white is always a great summer option for your wardrobe (and year-round too!). Plus you’ve likely been wearing blue or black jeans all year. Nothing screams summer like a good pair of white jeans.

The video above features several different ways of styling white jeans for all occasions, so do check it out and let me know below how YOU will be styling white jeans this summer. And if I’ve convinced you, then check out all the different white jeans available for shopping below!



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