Let's Go Shopping: Seashell Jewelry Trend

Hi all,

She sells seashells down by the sea shore. This tongue twister is the theme of the day and the jewelry trend of the Summer for 2019. You might have seen my 2019 Spring Trend Guide on Hair Accessories here or on YouTube and already then we were talking about sea shells for Summer and they’re not only in style and on trend, they’re super cute and the perfect accessory for your Summer 2019 outfit!

Seashell Jewelry Trend

Seashells were seen everywhere on the runways last September. And while already ever-present and seen on many celebrities and fashion bloggers, they’re going to the be “it” thing for Summer 2019. Like hair accessories, the beauty of the sea jewelry trend is that it’s very accessible and easy to sport as some of the pieces can start as low as $10. So today, I’m excited to share with you some of my favorite seashell jewelry for Summer 2019.


In the images here, I’m wearing these earrings from Ana Mari Ortega and available on her site. for other options, see below!

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