Style Guide - Shorts for Summer 2019

Hi all,

In today’s Style Guide video, we’re talking all about shorts, and we go in-depth with 8 fun ways of styling them for the 2019 Summer season! And we’re talking all kind of shorts too: denim, silk, cotton, cargo, white, black, pink - you name it, it’s a part of this video. The big absence? One of 2019’s biggest trends: biker shorts. Why? Well, because biker shorts got their own video of course! :)

Summer 2019 Shorts

I set out when planning this video to get all sorts of different shorts, and did my best to style them in many different ways. With blazer, with Tees, with silks camis, with sweaters, etc. So no matter where you live, and what you’re planning for Summer 2019, you should find new ways of styling your shorts. Best part of it all? I’m linking every single pair here below and they’re all under $20. Yup, you read that right! So let’s get shopping!


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