Let's Go Shopping: Blue & White Dresses for Summer

Hi all,

Summer is around the corner, and it’s time to go shopping for some fun dresses to have in our wardrobes for those hot days. In today’s post, I’ve curated a short list of some of my favorite blue & white summer dresses. This color combo is a favorite of mine, and if it’s yours too, then check out some of the cutest summer dresses I could find - some as low as $20!


How to Style a Summer Dress from Day to Night

No matter which dress you pick from the selections below, they’re all going to be great options to wear both during the day at BBQs, sporting events, pool days and the like, but also for night time for Dinner, drinks, etc. Plus, any of these dresses would work great for your summer vacation precisely because they’ll be very versatile - 1 dress, several ways of styling and wearing = you save space in your suitcase!

In essence, what we want to do is change our accessories. For example, for day-time errands, touristing around town or going to lunch, you can wear your favorite shoulder bag or cross body and pair it with sneakers (dad white sneakers or converse) or even your favorite pair of flat sandals. Then, when it’s time to transition to dinner and night time, we change up our shoes and strap on some heels, or wedges, and then grab a clutch or smaller bag.


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