Dr. C's Tips - Episode 1 - How to Catch Unhelpful Thoughts

Hi all,

Welcome to my new series, Dr. C's Tips, where we'll examine weekly wellness tips to help you tackle every day challenges. In Episode 1 of Dr. C's Tips, we focus on catching unhelpful thoughts, a key technique to learn, though hard to master. 


Tips to Identify Unhelpful Thoughts

Pay Attention T Your Thoughts

Sounds easy right? Not so much! It's very important, in particular when you're just starting, to give yourself time to practice identifying thoughts. Here's something you can try: try laying in bed with your eyes closed for 60 seconds and catalog every thought that comes through your mind. Carefully listen and identify what comes through your mind - positive, negative or neutral. Just focus on listening to yourself!


I know - you might think journaling is not for you, but this helps a lot to not only identify thoughts and emotions, but also remember your reaction. That way, in the future you can change your mood. (More on this in episode 2!). Next time you feel any strong emotion or thought, whether that is very positive and happy or negative and sad or angry, write it down. Try to identify what exactly made you feel this way and then how did you react to it this time around? What was your response?

This is but the first step on catching thoughts to change your mood and will be an important tool moving forward with almost any episode in the future, so practice, practice, practice!

Check out all other Dr. C's articles and see you next week!

Dr C.

Disclaimer: Information being provided on this page is general in nature and is not intended to replace or serve as therapy. Should you be experiencing emotional distress or difficulties at school, work, or with relationships, it is encouraged that you contact your insurance health provider to locate a mental health professional in your area. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing thoughts of harming yourself or others at your nearest emergency room.