Hot Bag Alert: $29 Mango Belt Bag Review 2018

Hi all,

In today’s Hot Bag Alert, we’re reviewing the amazingly-priced Mango Belt Bag! This bag is hitting on all right right notes: it’s a belt bag, it comes in all snakeskin, black and pink and is priced at just $29! So should you get this bag? Watch below or read on to find out!

Mango Belt Bag

Mango has easily become one of my favorite retailers as of late, and this belt bag is a great example of why: They make great, trendy items that are perfectly priced. This bag is a snakeskin/animal print belt bag. You can’t get much trendier than that! And at $29 it becomes a decision that you don’t really need to mull over for some time to determine whether or not you should invest in it. It becomes a bit of a no-brainer, provided you are into belt bags and animal print this Fall & Winter.

Mango Belt Bag Specifications

The fanny pack comes in measuring 5.91x5.12x2.36’ inches, and you can see the video for a better look at how big/small it is. It’s made with faux leather and features a detachable belt which can go up to 36 inches.

The concern with the bag is its size: While most of the essentials fit rather easily, I couldn’t quite fully have my iPhone 7 Plus fit inside. The very top of it will peak out of the bag. If you don’t like this, you can either have it in your hand, or put in your pocket.


Given its trendy design (belt bag) and print (animal print), this usually is one of those items that I caution sometimes about investing a lot of money in. Because sometimes you don’t know how long something will be in style. However, Mango has the perfect answer to this: It’s only $29! This automatically makes this bag a BUY (if you’re into belt bags and animal print) in my book!

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Shop this item by clicking on the image or  HERE.

Shop this item by clicking on the image or HERE.