How to Wear Statement Jewelry

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Thank you for stopping by as we discuss statement jewelry, and in particular, statement necklaces. You know, a statement piece is a great way to create a bold, but fun look. But it's a double-edged sword, because overdoing it can make you look sloppy. So let's dive in on some simple tips to keep in mind.

Tips For Statement Necklaces

1 - Only wear one statement piece.

Less is more. And if you leave this article with anything, it has to be this. If you have several statement pieces, say a huge necklace, a bold bag, and a very colorful, loud top, you'll look like a traffic light. Keep your outfit and other accessories simple. Let the one statement piece shine. If you have a statement necklace, like the one I am wearing here from Jacqueline Pinto, be sure to keep your other pieces minimal. For example, stud earrings and delicate bracelet and watch would be a good choice.

The same idea goes for the outfit you're wearing. Try to wear neutral colors, so that the jewelry remains the focus. As such, try to stay away from patterns and very loud colors.

2 - Watch the neckline!

An oversized necklace like the one here should be worn over a turtleneck, with a V-neck shirt or a button down shirt. When wearing with a button down shirt, make sure to wear underneath the shirt and unbutton the top buttons to show the necklace. Avoid wearing it over the shirt and tucking under the collar.

For a turtleneck, you can wear it on top and let it out for all to see.

For this particular statement necklace, I chose a 14k gold four-leaf clover necklace from Jacqueline Pinto. It's a beautiful example of an oversized necklace that I hope brings me some good luck! I love the delicate design of the chain and hammered clover. For the look, I chose to style it over a black turtleneck, black elather pants, and a pauir of black booties - as you can see, neutral colors, with no competing pieces and letting the necklace shine.

What sort of statement necklaces do you own? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you for reading!