How To Color Mix With a Bold Pattern


Shop the post || Leopard Skirt: Zara (similar-steal) (similar-splurge) || Shirt: Mango || Shoes: Gianvito Rossi

Hi everyone!

Today's post is about how to mix different colors with a bold pattern without looking sloppy or like a clown! When selecting the pieces for your look, first start with the bold print or pattern that you want the focus on. For this look, it was the leopard skirt. For the other pieces, it was important that I chose colors that were in the same family. For instance, if you use one pastel, you want to ensure the other piece you select is also in the pastel family. Another good tip is to use complimentary colors and this works because opposite colors work well together, think black and white. If this is your first time mixing colors, pick up a color wheel from a local paint shop or art store and when referring to the wheel, pick the color that is opposite to the color you want to use. For this look, I first selected the red shoes and then chose it's opposite, which is blue.

As always, thanks for reading!